MartHam Productions

Martham Productions is an up and coming musical/playwright company! Founded by Milner Martin & Evan Hamlin on November 14th 2019… Their main goal is to create brand new stories, music, and entertainment for theaters across the country. This script & music rental company is devoted to providing affordable, yet, full quality productions for theaters to produce. Whether you are a college, children’s theatre, a professional theatre, or a small community theatre company, Martham Productions will (eventually!) have plays and musicals available for EVERYone!


Please note: We only produce original scripts and music for our productions. We do not produce or sell props, sets, costumes, or any other technical aspect of our shows. Please look at the very first page of our scripts in our “script previews” option to see if this production will fit your full budget needs! On that first page, you will find a list of required props, set pieces, costumes, and other necessities you may need for your show.

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  • Milner Martin & Evan Hamlin work together to create the best possible shows with the greatest stories and the best music they can come up with, while making these productions ridiculously affordable!
  • There are no legal issues or fees in regard to making copies of our scripts.
  • There are no legal issues or fees in regard to creating digital, CDs, or other access to the music required for our shows.
  • The only thing you have to pay for is the number of performances of our shows in front of an audience.
  • You are free to use our works for educational theatre competitions for no charge, as long as Milner Martin is contacted.
  • Your theatre company/nonprofit can benefit from more money intake as a result of our low prices.



We want to keep the rules of using our productions as simple and as easy as possible. In order to keep our shows at a fantastic price for everyone, Milner Martin and Evan Hamlin ask everyone interested in our productions to please follow these basic guidelines.

  • Legal action will be taken against you and your company if you…
  1. Perform any of our shows in front of an audience of any kind without purchasing the required fees.
  2. Additional performances are scheduled without purchasing the required fees.
  3. ANY alteration/concerns regarding the text, scenes, music, or ANYthing else in our scripts MUST be taken up with Milner Martin. If there is any alteration to any dialogue, lyrics, or music in our scripts without permission from us, you and your company have the potential of being blacklisted from us. (More than likely, we are able to cooperate with you within reason! So please, just take the time to email us!)
  • “Written by Milner Martin & Evan Hamlin”must be present on all programs printed for the performances.
  • “MartHam Production’s” must be present before the title of the production on all programs, posters, social media posts, and any other advertisement for the production.
  • A “Go like MartHam Productions on Facebook” text must be present on at least on the back of all programs printed for the performances

Click here to see our available shows!